Busy Bags - For Travel, Restaurants Or At Home Play

I occasionally dedicate an hour or so to make busy bags for the month in advance. These bags are filled with different items to keep the little one entertained during airplane flights, train rides, car journey, boating, and restaurant trips. Literally, they are our go-to bags to keep the child out of boredom and best of all – it keeps them away from iPads (which is our last resort).

The busy bags are working great during the self-isolation period too. I place a few in the kitchen and living room and let my daughter explore them while I am cooking or busy with professional work. 

Take a look at some of our busy bags. And since I frequently replace them with new items, make sure to check back for updated images!



Mini chalkboard and chalk                 Glue                     Pom poms


Superhero mask colouring


sticker book

Fairy figures

Farm set

Dinosaur set

Baby bath




Activity books




Discover my other activities below!

Suitcase activity

Matching animals through flashcards!

Enjoy the journey xx


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