Matching Animals Through Flashcards

The super simple activity requires animal flashcards. Just lay them out on a table and ask your little on to match the pictures with the name. 

The activity can easily be done independently or you can join in and talk to them about each animal. Some topics to touch with the little one includes the animal’s home, their food, the sounds they make, etc. 

You will be amazed at the information your child can absorb. If you have toy animals available have them match those with the flashcards as well.

Enjoy the journey xx

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Here are some ready made flash cards with the animals. I have purchased this before but I personally prefer the separate flash cards and schleich animals (chad valley farm we have is also great). I bulk purchased loads of schleich animals as an investment piece and would give my little girl 1 animal a week. Then when she had the set we would do the flash card activities.

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