Hot Cross Bun Shop

We made this shop for Easter and my toddler served us hot cross buns for breakfast from her shop and café. 

The breakfast setup for Easter morning included an order form, where my toddler scribbled the image that I asked her for (tea, hot cross bun, juice.) she even said “would you like juice?” And sold me a juice I didn’t “order.” She served hot cross buns, fresh orange juice, ginger shots and tea.

I also added some biscuits and icing to the tray. I would select my biscuit and icing and my daughter would ice the biscuit. She would then put it on a plate or into the bunny gift bag – deepening if it was takeaway or dine-in. 

Some other activities incorporated with the hot cross buns included counting the coins, giving change, picking colors and ticking 1 or 2 buns on the list. 

I added a printable "add the cross to the hot cross bun" along with some play dough for an activity after breakfast. 

Enjoy the journey xx

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What we used:

These would be some great stands for your child's shop!

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