Suitcase Craft Activity

My little one is accustomed to packing a suitcase so we made a fun game where she can pick whatever she wants to bring on a holiday with her. 

For this activity, you will need:

  • Paper
  • sellotape
  • Laminate (optional)
  • Picture of suitcase
  • Pictures of items that you will take inside a suitcase

I printed and laminated the pictures. You can, however, choose to draw them if facilities are not available. 

For the activity, I asked my daughter to put in whatever she wants in her suitcase. For example, if we are going swimming, she would need a swimming costume while vacation during winters would require layers. 

I also took an image of an aeroplane so that we could fly to our destination – with our packed suitcase of course.


Enjoy the journey xx

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