Virtual Toddler Isolation Party

Another fun event that proved to be a huge success with the kids!

The ‘Teddy bears picnic’ was organized by the wonderful team at Sharky & George. They sent party packs for each friend that included balloons, bubbles, a special hunt, stickers, party hat, some play dough, and ‘feed the teddy bear’ play dough activity. The party pack also had a brownie with a candle for all the kids to sing ‘happy birthday’ and blow the candles out at the end.

The entertainer that came to the party was also amazing. She kept the guests entertained with songs and a game of treasure where each parent along with the toddler had to find each clue from the riddle and a magic star.

Parents of toddlers will agree that it is not easy to keep a kid this young entertained and engaged. However, the good setup helped and the party with all her teddy bears went better than I expected.

Enjoy the journey xx

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