Pirate Treasure Hunt

Another great game to get the young ones develop their thinking and searching skills. 

For this activity, I printed out pictures of pirates from twinkl.com and had them laminated. Then I glued them on craft sticks and poked them in sand, along with treasures. Every time she discovered a pirate on the sand, there would be treasure for her as a reward.

The game was great fun on the beach. Her treasures were sometimes shell with gold coin stickers, while sometimes she received mother of pearl bracelets, homemade necklace, and even mermaid hair clips. We even made a special treasure chest for her ‘finds’. You can also make the same by following the steps in my post here

We also made our very own ‘pirate ship’ using 2 dried leaves and a stick. We put the ‘ship’ in the pool and blew on it to make it sail rapidly.

Enjoy the journey xx

Take a look at these crafts below!

Peter Pans golden ship!

Tic toc croc game!

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