Peter Pan's Golden Pirate Ship

This special ship was created for my daughter’s second birthday. And not only was it a great success on the day of the party, but enjoyed by my daughter for weeks afterwards. She even wanted to play, read her books, and eat her meals inside the ship. 

To create the Peter Pan’s Golden Pirate Ship, I took a cardboard box, a pole or similar object, some coat hangers, and gold emergency foil (available on Amazon for 5 pounds). 

I cut one end of the cardboard box and folded it to a point. Then I got a large cardboard pole and pieced holes inside. The gold foil was then wrapped around the pole while I stuck the top of the coat hangers inside. I cut out two large rectangle shapes from the cardboard for the sails and wrapped them with gold foil. Then I clipped the nails onto the coat hangers as you would attach a clothing item. 

The gold foil was also glued on the bottom of the ship and all sides. 

You can see the final results from our Tinkerbell theme party here.

Enjoy the journey xx

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