A Tinkerbell Party

I decided to go with a Tinkerbell theme party for my daughter’s second party. 

The party included different sections such as an Indian Camp and a Teepee with an ‘Indian chief and Tiger Lily.’ There was also an area where the guests of the party can make their own dream catcher using the crafts by cotton twist. I arranged the crafts in coconut bowls and placed cushions around the teepee for the older children to sit and make their own dream catchers. We also kept ‘Indian’ musical instruments by the teepee.

Mermaid Lagoon:

The Mermaid Lagoon incorporated a small corner of the room where I added jellyfish decorations on the ceiling and printed a ‘mermaid lagoon’ sign for the wall. A tuff tray was used for the water.

I also made a game for our lagoon called the ‘feed tick toc croc.’ For the game, I painted a cardboard box with blue colouring and added a hole. The little ones had a blast putting things in the ‘tick toc croc’s’ mouth. 

For detailed instructions on how to make a tick toc croc, please click here.


The Neverland scene was created by putting up lots of fairy lights, ivy, and butterflies across the ceiling. I also added fairy lights in little glass jars while a golden ship was created out of gold emergency foil and a cardboard box. (Check out the full instructions here)

For toddler’s fun, I added a balancing beam with some blue-coloured fabric to illustrate water. The kids enjoyed ‘walking the plank’ and enhanced their balancing skills. 

 A few pictures from Peter Pan was also added on a string with little clips for the visuals.


Enjoy the journey xx

Fairy balloon we used:

Mermaid lagoon inflatable starfish:

Indian camp drum set:

jars for fairy dust and pirate gold party bag favours:

Cake toppers:

Decorative ivy with lights:

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