Homemade Flower, Crystal And Essential Oil Candles

First I took some flowers that were (of course) ready to go in the bin. I let my toddler choose the flowers she wanted and placed them in a bowl. 

Then I let her scoop the wax from the bag into a small pan. I placed the pan over a large pan of boiling water and waited for it to melt. I took some of the melted wax and added it to the bottom of the wick, then placed it at the bottom of the jar to secure in its place like glue. Then I did the same again with more melted wax and placed it onto a flower petal and stuck it to the inside of the jar for decoration. 

Once melted my toddler added some petals and some essential oil of her choice. I carefully poured the wax into the jar and placed the wick central, you could use some sticks or chopsticks to keep the wick centered while the wick is cooling. 

Just before it was fully set my toddler carefully poked some rose buds and petals into the jar, along with a crystal of her choice. She put it inside and I carefully pressed firmly so the crystal sunk into the wax a little to secure it. 

Here, it should be noted that I hesitate in putting flower petals too close to the wick in case it catches fire when you light it. Here they are also a bit close. But my toddler was having so much fun putting them in that I let her and I can always take some out before lighting the candle. 

This makes a lovely gift for a loved one and a great decoration item for your home. 

I used the first 4 links below. Organic wax, little pots for the candles, wicks. 

I also used a glass food jar I had in my cupboard.


Enjoy the journey xx

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