Antartica Sensory Tub

This tub was created with a similar idea as my oceanic sensory tub. However, I added different textures for my daughter to play with. 

For this sensory tub, I gathered:

  • Animal toy figures
  • Blue jelly
  • Coconut shavings
  • Plate
  • Large tub

The day before I planned to play the game, I added some animals in ice trays and kept them in freezer overnight. The following day, I added the blue jelly on one side of the tub and coconut shavings on the other to replicate snow.

Next, I placed all the figures in the tub and allowed my daughter to explore the sensory tub. She loved combining the jelly with snow and the sensation caused when I added hot water. 

During our play time, we talked about the animal names, their living conditions, and how cold it would be to live in such areas. Her chatters continued as we cleaned up the toys in the sink and dried them with a towel.


A few arctic theme items I like below. 



Enjoy the journey xx

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A variety of great sensory activities, to dance and play with. I used the blue scarf for our antarctic theme. My all time favourite figurines are scheich and papo. They are the best quality and most realistic although all items below we use and are great! The big 52 piece pack is also good for the bath and I am not so precious about them if they get misplaced. 


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