Ocean Sensory Tub


I created this ocean sensory tub with an idea of teaching my daughter about the different parts of the sea and the animals that live there. For this activity, I took:

  • Spaghetti
  • Penne
  • Sea animal figures
  • Big tub

First, I dyed the spaghetti and penne two different shades of blue to represent the shore and deep sea. To do this, you simply have to add some food coloring to the boiling pasta. Then I poured the spaghetti and penne inside the tub and asked my daughter to place the animals inside our ocean sensory tub.

She loved the idea so much and discussed about the different sea animals, their body parts, colors, and sounds they make. In the end, she even got herself in the tub and enjoyed the feeling of textures on her feet.


Enjoy the journey xx 

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