Our Favourite items for play & home

This is my collection of everything I use in day to day mummy life. My list includes books, toys, brushes, household products and everything in between!

Toddler electric toothbrush from age 1-3, recommended by my friend who is a dentist. It lights up too which my toddler loves. 



Mindfulness activity cards

Rose quartz, my toddler loves crystals and Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz are the best for children. I leave them scattered around the house and often find my toddler has found them and making up her own games. We use them as sensory play, to count with, in imaginative play and mindfulness.

My activity and sensory play essential accessories


Paintbrush and spill free tubs

Play dough textured rolling pins

My favourite pipets, you can add colour matching to the activity with their different colour tops.

Montessori tray

Air dry clay 

Glass jug, my toddler uses this daily since age 1. She poured her own water and now uses it to pour milk into her cereal. We use it for sensory activities too

Montessori starter set with spoons and bowls

Pom poms jumbo

Montessori collection, I have this and use in a lot of play

Montessori tray for flashcards 4 sides

Reading flashcards



She loves this, she picks a flash card photo and then uses the pebbles to make it. She makes up her own animals too. Great imaginative play.

This one is similar and has clear pastel pebbles.

Matching the cylinders. Another favourite of my little girls.

Organic play dough

Tonnies Box. We have one in her playroom, she chooses the story she would like to listen to (with the figures) and places it on top of the box. Then it starts reading the story. We have a few “creative tonies” and upload our own stories, I uploaded beatrix potter which is lovely and soothing. You can record your family reading stories too and have different characters for family members.

Our train set, she loves playing with this and building the tracks

you can add the cutest accessories to the train set!


Our fairy blocks, she plays with this often.

Wooden Mushroom puzzle

Wooden rainbow

Montessori house lock, add small animal or people figures inside for your child to find once they open the doors. 

Montessori colour match bowls, great paired with some tweezers. 

Programme code robot

This is a beautiful ready made small world play set, which can be divided into different play activities

Small world wooden figure pieces. We use these in a lot of our sensory, small world and learning activities. 

Space, moon and star



Unicorn mermaid

Nature book


Dress Up

Our dressing up rail

Coat hangers

Meri meri shark

Princess crown and wand




GREEN PAN, toxic free. Did you know "no stick" pans are made with loads of chemicals? when you heat your food up those chemicals are released into your food! I only use green pans. I researched loads and they seemed the best and safest to me. If you know any other chemical free pans please let me know :) 

Grey Storage Shelf And Baskets


I put the energy dots stickers on my toddlers pram, (inside the plastic part near where her head is and one by her feet). I also stick them to my laptop, phone, baby monitor, wifi router, tv. The pyramids I have next to my tv in the living room and in my toddlers bedroom under her bed, along with the energy dots sleep mat, I place this under her mattress. The sleep dots I have next to my toddlers bed and my own bed.

All natural air purifier and kills germs


Wooden bowls, for use with the scoops and tweezers.

Our shelf rotation trays

Our Kitchen, it has an ice machine too! A friend recommended it and we love it! 

My toddler loves cleaning with me, we have this set.

Her favourite sunglasses

Our tea set

Writing practice

We have a puzzle similar to this. My toddler loves it and it keeps her engaged for a long time.

We have this and use it mainly with flash cards.

One of my favourite sensory trays


Our favourite plates

We have the large UFREE Unicorn, it’s strong enough to fit me and my toddler on, while we spin around the kitchen :) our favourite! I added some other similar ones here too.

Our teepee

I also love this teepee

We have this shelf in her playroom, for lots of books at her height level.

Storage draws. I use this for craft items, paper, scissors, jumbo tweezers, stickers, etc.

This is also great for small items.

We have these draws in her bedroom, displaying teddy bears and small items

Check out some of my crafts below!

 Spring sensory tub!

Mess free painting


Enjoy the journey xx

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