I Spy Phonics Jar And Invitation To Play

Our ‘I Spy’ phonics jar is a great learning game. We shake the jar and say ‘I spy something that begins with b.’ I put extra emphasis on the sound of the letter. When she says the correct word for the letter, I ask her to repeat the phonic again.

We continue the game with everything we place in the jar. It is especially intriguing when we add tiny objects like ‘rice’ and ask her ‘I spy something that begins with r.’ 

To set up the game, I added a jar in the centre of the flower placement, some flowers on a tray, a bowl of colored rice, a tray with some different objects, a pair or tweezers, and a scooper. 

My daughter adds the rice in the jar along with other items. Once finished, I close the lid tightly and we enjoy the game on a weekly basis. I have made up different themes with different objects. I also have some jars with plain rice as the coloured ones usually get predictable for the child after the first few times.


What shapes we used including animals, mermaids, stars, moon, space and unicorn



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