Dinosaur Tea Party

Recently, my daughter has become obsessed with dinosaurs. They are her new favourite toy and so I decided to put up a dinosaur tea party one evening. 

However, the catch of the activity was that she could only serve tea to the dinosaur using the pipettes. It took some time to distribute water from the large bowl to each dinosaur cup but the game was a great way to enhance her fine motor skills. It also helps strengthen the bones in her fingers, making them ready for writing. 

We also read a book about dinosaurs and she paired each dinosaur on the pages with her toy dinos. 

For the activity, you will need:

  • Tuff tray
  • Dinosaurs
  • Pipettes
  • Tea cups
  • Book

Enjoy the journey xx

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I love our blue tuff tray as it is so versatile. I have added others here too. I have added a colourful tea set with colourful pipets, to match the colour. We have the schleich dinosaurs and also the multipack.

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