Safari House Role Play

Children love play houses and what better way to spark their creativity than with a safari house role play setup. 

To prepare the craft, you will need:

  • Three large-sized cardboard boxes
  • Decoration items such as hula skirt, plants, chalkboard, cushions, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Tape 
  • Fabric

I cut one side from one of the boxes and joined it with the second to make it bigger. Then I cut two side panels from another box to go on top of the boxes, so that my daughter could stand up. I also placed a flat piece of cardboard on top to act as a roof. 

I purchased a hula skirt from Amazon and cut a part of the band so I could wrap it around the roof. This gave the structure a safari feel. I also added fabric and strands of ribbon to replicate curtains and its ties.

To make a shelf inside I got a corner piece of the unused cardboard and cut it so it was in the shape of a triangle with two flaps underneath. the flaps were used to add strength and hold it in place.

I added a zebra plant (from Helm) and a chalkboard( from This Works) and used a kitchen roll that I cut in half to create binoculars.

I put inside the house her little table and chair with some food for her camp.

This next craft works perfectly with my "Safari House" so that you can have the campfire next to it!

What you will need:


Red and orange fabric

Musical toys


This is a simple add-on to the house where all you need to do is arrange the logs, place the fabric on top. Bring along musical toys for "a song around the campfire" and add a pot on top of the fire to cook dinner!

A fun campfire game would be to grab some animal print paper and animal stickers for the child to match correctly, this can be created in the style of "what animals can you see in the safari?"

Enjoy the journey xx

Skirts I used for decoration

These also look fun!



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