Milk The Cow Cardboard Box

This was part of our farm setup. You can find more activities from the theme(and other themes) here

For ‘Milk the Cow,’ I took a white cardboard box and cut it from one side. Then I and my daughter painted the box black to resemble a cow. I had printed out a cow head and pasted it on a cardboard. I cut out a line at the top of the box, close to the front and put the cardboard cows head into the hole to make it secure. 

I took a funnel and tied a glove onto it and put it into the hole I made at the top of the box. I also poked holes at the ends of the gloves for the milk to pass through.

The milk was made with some descanted coconut blended with water. But you can make milk as you like. 

The best part of the activity was…my daughter’s delight. She was so excited about this and kept on saying ‘look mommy, I am milking a cow.’ It was so adorable!

Enjoy the journey xx

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