Hanging Flower Craft

This is one of my favorite crafts that involves nature as well. To make this activity, you will need to arrange some sticky back plastic, rope or ribbon, and flowers. Interestingly, for these activities, I usually upcycle flowers that are about to go in the bin. 

I start the craft by laying out some sticky back plastic. You can also use some masking tape on corners to secure it on the working area. Add some flowers next to it and let your child stick it on the plastic. Once all flowers are stuck on the plastic, cover it with another plastic to seal the flowers. Punch two holes on either side and thread some ribbon or string to it so you can hang the craft up. 

Once you little one becomes familiar with the technique around sticky back plastic, you can make some fun designs like rainbows. My little daughter also loves making bunny rabbit and calls her Peter Rabbit. We make its ears out of leftover cauliflower leaves and whiskers from sticks. 

For the rabbit set up, I did the first ear and eye by myself when she was taking her nap. When she woke up, I asked her to complete the rabbit with ears, eyes, nose, and whiskers.


Enjoy the journey xx

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