Calm Down Bottle And Invitation to Play

For the calm down bottle, I usually use a VOSS bottle or Press London juice bottle, though you can use any that you have at home. 

To start this activity, I put a glass jug (filled halfway with water) and a large bottle with little water on a tray. Other items included glitter, spoon, some fish, a little ‘treasure jar’ and some shells. 

During play, my daughter poured water into the bottle, then added glitter, fish, and shells. Then we closed the bottle and let her shake it around. Seeing the glitter and ‘things’ move around then settle to the bottom was very soothing. She especially liked seeing the fish float to the top and go back down. 

I have added the dolphins in our bottle below. They are so cute and have glitter on them. 

I have also added biodegradable glitter to use. It is much better for the environment and for our oceans then normal glitter. Please, if you do use glitter please use biodegradable :) 

The shells we used are from our previous holidays to the beach, we always bring some home for memories.I have added other shells below, the smaller one in the packs will work well & the others are great for other themes.


Enjoy the journey xx

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This is what we use for a calm down session:

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